VINTELOPER, Adelaide Hills

By June 25, 2015THE PLAYERS

Vinteloper challenges staid thinking. They elevate choice, taste and experimentation above mass production, blind faith and necessity. Simply, they do what they do.



We sat with Ser David Bowley.

He stumbled in to wine through curiosity, he followed his nose into winemaking, working in Australia & abroad.

Experience with some of the biggest & smallest players in the game along the way, it wasn’t long before he felt compelled to do his own thing, making confident, crafted wines from Adelaide Hills.

Now we talk wine, feasts and battles…

If you had to pick a favourite wine you’re showing, which would it be?

SH/12 SHIRAZ [2012] This wine takes over 4 years to produce. From vineyard planning to winemaking, to maturation, to bottling then ageing pre-release. More then 10% of my life in 1 bottle.

Best paired with…


horns_saluteWhen not drinking wine, I drink…


My wines are like…

Dragons – strong, mystical, heroic and fiery.

My wines are best for…


In the battle you will find me…

In charge!

VINTELOPER will join the Game of Rhones battle in Auckland on July 4th.