Ben Glover is “the Janitor” for his Glover Family Vineyards business – always cleaning up after everyone and ensuring that Zephyr Wines are true to their single site in Dillons Point Road, Marlborough. As a winemaker with over 20 years experience, his soft touch and the subtle expression in the wines is what sets this man and his wines apart.

He grew up on the family vineyard in Marlborough and was influenced by a relaxed, yet focused father and a rather thespian-inspired mother – practical, laid back and creative; a perfect match. 

As a side note, he struggles to understand why Yosemite is not pronounced the same as Vegemite.

We asked him a couple of questions about Game of Rhones and making wine in New Zealand.

What’s your wine story?

At age 13, I was milking cows on the family farm until the old man sold the cows and planted grapes. Wine is better for you than milk. I was hooked!

What are three things you need to know about New Zealand Syrah?

Small plantings
Marginal areas
Fanatic wine growers
Passionate people
Superb precision in the glass

What are three things you need to know about Hawkes Bay in particular?

Gimblett Gravels – local wine growing district.
The Triangle – another local wine growing district.
The best coffee from is from Box Espresso, Clive.

G, S or M?


Whats the one thing to keep in mind when matching Rhone varietals to food?

The pastry of a pie – flakey should always be on top.

What would be your (battle) plan on approaching a tasting of over 100 Rhone style wines?

Use the Archers first. Then approach with stealth and cunning an hour before dawn. Remember always watch the left flank and never leave your wingman.

What do you drink when no one is watching?

Lucky you didn’t ask “think”..! Every now and then just a cheeky chamomile tea.

What are your top six producers to try at Game of Rhones?

Easthope Family Winegrowers
Elephant Hill
Trinity Hill

Mt Langi Ghiran
Shaw + Smith


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