Warriors! We know wine-tasting is hungry work. We know that when you’re out there on the battlefield you dream of pigeon pies and lamprey stews, of steaming joints of meat and black sausages, and little lemon cakes.

We want you to maintain your strength and have the staying power to go all day. So to feed and fuel you for the next bloody battle, we’ve got the following cooks and taverns supplying each city:


Bringing more smoked and barbecued meats than you can poke a sword at is Burn City Smokers and Fancy Hanks. We’ve got Mr Burger doing their thing, and our loyal soldiers Meatsmith and Yarra Valley Dairy doing theirs, too.


Not content with just one campaign, Burn City Smokers and Yarra Valley Dairy will be making the trek up to Sydney, too. They’ll be joined by Porteño (TBC).


Feeding our hungry hordes on the west is The Pig Lebowski. We’ve also enlisted Jessica Arnott (TBC), whose food you’ve wanted to eat ever since you watched her cook on MasterChef.


In Brisbane, Ben Williamson from Gerard’s Bistro will be joined by Yarra Valley Dairy, covering all meaty and cheesy bases.


A toastie is one of the best drinking foods there is, so we’ve got Toastie Bros on board, grilling, frying and melting the best NZ has ever seen.


Leading the charge in Wellington is Egmont Street Eatery, who’ll have enough boar sausages, pigeon pie and lemon cakes to feed this voracious army.


*These are subject to change.


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