Brisbane Beers, Beasts and Grains

By May 19, 2015Updates

Lords and ladies can’t be expected to engage in courtly intrigue with only wine for nourishment, even in the Game of Rhones. That’s why we’ve invited a few of the finest establishments from across the Realm to serve us beast and beer during the festivities. Be sure to bring your coin purse. These vendors’ fine products and The Rhone Bar can’t be paid for with the iron price (or the plastic price, for that matter); they’ll only be taking silvers and gold during the festivities.

Tapas Cantina

It’s not all wine and games on Sunday! Tapas Cantina have slain beasts and other (blood-less) delicacies for purchase at Brisbane’s Game of Rhones. Remember, a Lannister always tips his chef.

Pigeon Pie from The Capital – $8 Golden Dragons.

Chicken, leek and truffle pie.

Braavos Potatoes – $6 Golden Dragons

Crispy spiced potatoes with tomato relish.

Theon’s Favourite Toy – $10 Golden Dragons

Chorizo sausage, baguette, chimichurri.

Lannister Gold – $6 Golden Dragons.

Three cheese and mushroom croquettes.

Green Beacon Brewing

Green Beacon Brewing Co

House Green Beacon of Teneriffe (sigil, a green buoy on a gray field), will be coming to court on Sunday. Purveyors of fine ales, they’ll be winning their own battle on thirst while the war of wine is decided.