Beasts & The Amber Nectar – Melbourne

By May 18, 2015Updates

The last battle in this war of wine is about to begin in the Halls of North Melbourne’s Meat Market, and while we force our enemies to drink from our cup of wrath, we must ourselves eat from our plate of scrumptiousness. No great battle is bought with gold, but the best meals are. Be sure to bring your coin purse, as these vendors and The Rhone Bar are well defended and won’t let their victuals be bought with the iron price, or the plastic one for that matter. Coinage only, m’lords.

We shall dye the battlefield red with the wine of our enemies, and feast gloriously on the delicacies prepared by these fine vendors.

Burn City Smokers

Burn City Smokers

Like an able warrior, Burn City Smokers move nimbly across the battlefields of Melbourne with their Texan smoker and choice meats. You never know where they’ll appear next, so check out their Facebook page for all the news on their journey.

Westerlands Farmed Auroch – $16 golden dragons.
8hr Westerlands Farmed Auroch Short Rib. Served on the bone with smoked peppered tomato.
King Robert’s Bane – $10 golden dragons.
8hr ‘King Robert’s Bane’ Royal Forest wild pig shoulder, served in trenchers with godswood greens.
Ancient Grains – $7 golden dragons.
Ancient grains, tossed with rainbow chard and red vein sorrel.


PrintPunt Road Beer & Cider

Punt Road Beer & Cider makes an appearance in the battlefields of Melbourne with their supplies restocked and their bannermen reinvigorated by the winds of glory.Their mission is to bring the winemaker’s sensibility to the brewing of crisp and refreshing beer and cider.



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