Are you battle ready? (or better yet, is your phone charged?)

By May 21, 2015Updates

Just when you thought you knew all the rules to the Game of Rhones, we’ve thrown in another way to play. Keep your phones unsheathed to capture the best moments on the show floor for your chance to win a full set of Riedel Ouverture Magnum glasses. That’s a set of 6 glasses, so you and your small council can drink like true royalty.

Like the Game of Rhones, the rules are simple but the stakes are high.

Starting at 1pm, take pictures of your favourite moments during the events. Entries can be funny, memetic, beautiful, dramatic or even tragic (but not too tragic; we won’t be having any ‘red wedding’ moments, ok), so long as they’re taken at Game of Rhones and reflect the spirit of the players.

To get inspired, the winners from last year are above.

To submit your photo, simply Tweet and tag us @GameofRhones; upload it on Instagram and include @GameofRhones; or take the black and post it directly on our Game of Rhones Facebook Wall. One or any of the above.

Here’s the important part: all entrants must use the house words #WineIsComing.  At 5pm the contest will close and the winner will be announced by the Game of Rhones Judges (unless an attendee calls for Trial by Combat). The winning lord or lady will be able to claim the prize before nights end at 6pm!

How you play the game — whether by honour and bravery or by deception and intrigue — is your choice. Just remember, when you play the Game of Rhones, you wine or you die…

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